RIP049 Cured Pink - As A Four Piece Band LP

Image of RIP049 Cured Pink - As A Four Piece Band LP

Post-post-punkers re-deconstruction the rock format in a post-rock world? Makes you dance? Makes you think? Here is a semi-formal and informative bio on the band…. Once the solo exhibitionism of Andrew McLellan (Soft Power, Greg Boring, Enderie Nuatal, one time Kitchen’s Floor) Brisbane, Australia’s CURED PINK has recently changed pipes, recruiting extra limbs to fracture new song-funks. With members Glen Schenau (Per Purpose, Sky Needle), Mitchel Perkins (Per Purpose, Clever), Stuart Busby (the Deadnotes, Threads) there is a 2015 LP ‘As A Four Piece Band’ coming through RIP Society, following a 2014 12” maxi single on Berlin’s Another Dark Age, and a 2013 single ‘Body Body Body’ on Black Petal. This run has followed numerous releases of spasmodic dub, suburban field recordings and the law (three members of the band fronted court in 2012) on labels such as Vacant Valley, Sabbatical, Redundancy and more. The project has appeared at VIVID (2014, Sydney Opera House), Liquid Architecture (2014), Overground at Melbourne International Jazz Festival (2011), Sydney’s FBi's Ears Have Ears and SoundSummit festival (2013), Room 40’s MONO supporting Merzbow (2012), Adelaide’s Lost City festival (2012), Jogjakarta’s Jogja National Museum (2011), Sydney’s Serial Space and Dirty Shirlows (2011). Minimal need, maximal elation.

“..combines martial Industrial ritual with cultic caveman nod-outs and Faust-style electro-acoustic cluster fucks to generate a one-man form of communal ascension, taking Neubauten-style metal-on-metal and melding it to ESP-Disk/Godz/Cromagnon-scale freak.”- Dave Keenan, Volcanic Tongue