Love Chants - 2nd 12" EP

Image of Love Chants - 2nd 12" EP


Low and behold the 2nd 12” EP from the tri-state slow motion electric-folk trio of Anthony Guerra (Black Petal label head), Matt Earle (xNOBBQx, Girls Girls Girls, X-Wave, Breakdance The Dawn Records) and Michael Zulicki (Mad Nanna, Mole House, Alberts Basement Records). Love Chants don’t fit in a singular tradition, at least one that I’m aware of, so I’ll just throw a few things out there and hopefully you’ll catch my drift…. The basement psych of The Bachs if the master tapes lost half the recorded information in a damp storage facility (very sparse and moody), Drag City records circa 92-94 (think Hey Drag City / Making Losers Happy comps, the earliest recordings of Smog and Palace Bros), tortured Neil Young / Neu - Lieber Honig (last track on their debut) vocal stylings, the most gentle bits of the Fushitsusha/Les Rallizes Denudes or Japanese folk/psych groups like Kito Mizukumi Rouber and Suishou No Fune. It also kind of sounds like what you’d expect from these three folks in a room together (I mean this in the best way possible). How does it differ from their first (amazing) 12” on Quemada Records you ask? More of the same but with even more of a hushed, sombre, about to nod off (after day of hard work/parenting, not drugs) vibe. Plus different they’re different songs (duh). While Love Chants certainly are an exercise in sound and mood, there’s enough iconic musical elements (songs, melodies) and emotion to keep one fully engaged. Edition of 300 w/ download codes.