RIP047 Destiny 3000 7”

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Other than a very short run live cassette this is the first release from Sydney's most fab gals, Destiny 3000. D3000 injected a much needed energy into ol’ Sydney town, 5 girls that seemed to have a parallel universe of what’s cool and polarised some ideas of what’s what around these parts. They could be 4-guitars-n-drums or switch a guitar out for bass/synth, always instrument swapping, different set of songs every time you see them. Live they straddle the line between restlessly energetic and nervously adorable but evened out with a sense basement outsider cool. More in common with the murky mashing of psych/pop/punk that happened on the South Island of New Zealand (Look Blue Go Purple, The Clean, The Stones etc) than many claiming the Flying Nun throne. And while this certainly ain’t no 90s revival I could certainly see Destiny 3000 appealing to those who enjoy the sensibility of that wave of lo-fi independent rock: Strapping Fieldhands, pre-Matador Guided By Voices, V3, various Ron House groups etc…. for a more palatable 90s reference one song is titled The Real Kim Deal, in tribute to you know who. This 4 track 7” was recorded by Lincoln Brown (Housewives, Ghastly Spats) and captures the best bits of their live existence. The melody, the chaos, the fabulousness.