Blues Control - Valley Tangents LP

Image of Blues Control - Valley Tangents LP


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R.I.P Society distributed Blues Control "Valley Tangents" for the Australian market.... Usually R.I.P Society only services music made by Austr-aliens but an exception has been made for this US duo as Blues Control are one in a million! Definitely one of the best post-Y2K groups going, transcendent true-psych music for people that prefer their clothing modest and practical. Blues Control play truly new music without the usual self importance that comes from acts that think they're exploring new ground. Music for music’s sake!

Valley Tangents has been licensed from the very dignified and reputable Drag City record label, a label that was named after a Jan & Dean song (I could be wrong here) whose first release was the Royal Trux single "Hero Zero". If you're not in the territory of Australia get the record from them.